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Wearable Coverage 

Everyday driving can wear on even the most durable vehicles. Precision Care will cover the replacement of common items due to everyday wear and tear, helping to keep a vehicle in top shape. 

  • One set of front and rear brake pads/ shoes

  • One set of front and rear rotors

  • One battery replacement 

  • One set of windshield wiper blades and/ or inserts 

  • One wheel alignment 

  • Belts and hoses 

  • Fuses, light bulbs and headlamps


Mechanical Coverage

Precision Care supplements the manufacturer’s warranty while it’s in effect and can enhance coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. 

  • Engine, transmission, drive axle

  • Climate control

  • Struts, front and rear suspension

  • Steering and brakes

  • Fuel systems, electrical system 

  • Factory installed navigation, audio, high-tech 


24 hour Roadside Assistance 

If your vehicle needs to be towed, it’s available in all 50 states, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Rental Car Reimbursement 

Up to $35 per day, for up to 10 days, if requires, due to a covered mechanical breakdown


Trip Interruption Reimbursement 

UP to $200 per day, for up to 5 day per incident, in the event of a covered mechanical breakdown occurring more than 100 miles from home the requires an overnight repair. 



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